Porsche: Is the correct pronunciation "Porsche" or "Porscha"?

Posted by: ladiesman

  • Porsche

  • Porscha

60% 26 votes
40% 17 votes
  • I am from Germany and I can guarante you that it is pronounced "Porsche ". It may sound like that germans pronounce the "e" like an "a". But if a german would say "Porscha" it would sound completely different and wrong.

  • Porsche is pronounced Porsche, not Porch or Porshay

    Posted by: Aria2
  • I Don't Give A Fuck What Anyone Say Or Thinks Anyone That Calls A Porsche By "Porsha" Deserves To Be Killed Or Put In Coma.

  • It is a common misunderstanding among English speakers that the e in Porsche is pronounced as "uh". This is a simplification that can even be found in dictionaries. The German language has two schwa sounds, One that sounds like "uh" (as in "Lehrer"), And the one in "Porsche" that sounds like the "e" in "chef".

  • The guys name was pronounced porsha, therefore you should pronounce it porsha!

  • The dudes name is pronounced Porsha. Look it up!

    Posted by: BenKim
  • ummm. respect the guys name who created the company. say it right. its kind of like coupe. not (coop) it's (coop-e)

  • Good Point.

  • It was originally pronounced "Pore Sha" in Germany, but Americans mistakened it for "Porsh" and everyone just copied and called it "Porsh". Porsche is pronounced "Pore Sha"!

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lannan13 says2016-07-11T05:38:02.3833008Z
It depends on where you're from, but you can go with either one.
XDLOLMAN says2019-02-13T08:46:13.7275971Z
This is a little controversial

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