Presidential vs. Parliamentary Form of Government

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Please also mention the reason you choose Presidential/Parliamentary Form of Government.

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Presidential Form of Goverment

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Parliamentry Form Of Goverment

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Direct Democracy

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A republic is literally a form of government in which affairs of state are a "public matter", not the private concern of the rulers, in which public offices are subsequently appointed or elected rather than privately accommodated, i.E. Through inher... itance or divine mandate. In modern times, the common definition of a republic is a government which excludes a monarch. For example, at the first decade of 21st century, Nepal was declared a Federal democratic Republic after abolishing its 240 years old monarchy on 28th of May 2008. Currently, 135 of the world's 206 sovereign states use the word "republic" as part of their official names.Both modern and ancient republics vary widely in their ideology and composition. In classical and medieval times the archetype of all republics was the Roman Republic, which referred to Rome in between the period when it had kings, and the period when it had emperors. The Italian medieval and Renaissance political tradition today referred to as "civic humanism" is sometimes considered to derive directly from Roman republicans such as Sallust and Tacitus. However, Greek-influenced Roman authors, such as Polybius and Cicero, sometimes also used the term as a translation for the Greek politeia which could mean regime generally, but could also be applied to certain specific types of regime which did not exactly correspond to that of the Roman Republic. Republics were not equated with classical democracies such as Athens, but had a democratic aspect   more
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Scientific Technocracy

Government should be run by scientists according to their expertise such as for example environmental policy formed by environmental scientists. The central government would be run by political scientists cooperating with high political bodies forme... d by scientists in other areas   more
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Monarchy or Dictatorship is much better than Democracy

China for example
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