• Pro-Life

  • Pro-Choice

51% 22 votes
49% 21 votes
  • Too much to explain, but everything about me down to my soul supports life. If you doubt me, I am open to a debate.

  • I am pro-choice if you open your legs of free will and conceived then that baby has natural rights as a human that should be recognized. don't end another's life because you were reckless with your even if you don't ant it there are adoption services and tons of families that would love and opportunity to own a child. However, if a woman is to conceive by sexual assault,incest or the pregnancy endangers the mothers life in those circumstances should one be allowed abortion

  • it takes 2 to make a baby

  • Pro life it isnt the babies fault. A baby is another life if you kill it your a murderer

  • If people were just responsible, abortion wouldn't even be much of an issue. :l

  • Having the will to make a choice on your own is very important if we just did everything a book or science told us we'd lose our free will.

  • The same people who are pro-life are also anti welfare. "You have to have a kid, but we're not gonna help pay for it if you can't". This isn't pro-life, this is pro-birth. I believe in freedom. If someone doesn't want to be tied to a woman or a kid they didn't intend to, then they should be allowed to get rid of the kid. To all of those who say "Abortion is murder": They aren't people yet. They are still just a group of developing cells at that time. They don't even resemble a person. To all those who say "It's not how God intended": not everybody lives by your God or any God. If they want to go against your God's wishes, then that is their choice.

    Posted by: Nookoh
  • If the parents will not care for the child or are abusive, the child would suffer needlessly.

    Posted by: dimer3
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RepublicanForLIfe says2016-10-26T11:16:41.9743886Z
Are baby turtles still just developing cells before they are hatched? Does that mean we can destroy turtle eggs? If not, way are we allowed to destroy human lives??
Politics2016 says2016-10-27T19:26:58.6251778Z
I'd say repeal Roe v. Wade, and leave it up to the states, since it's not specifically mentioned in the Constitution.

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