• Muhammad Ali

  • Muhammad

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  • This guy conquered so much land with blessings from his young wife, his older wife, and the angels. I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking when he shook the world so hard, people from Morocco to Iraq still speak Arabic, and he did this by himself! Not as strong as Queen Victoria, but still!

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Renegader says2015-02-02T13:12:44.0337983-06:00
Great boxer or pedophile ..... Hmmmm
dbushwacker says2015-02-03T14:34:25.8017904-06:00
More like great boxer, or great conquerer. Pedophilia put aside, Muhammad must have been a great warrior. They should make a deadliest warrior episode between the two, Prophet Muhammad with his weapons of war and Muhammad Ali with some plate mail armor and some brass knuckles so that he can close the distance. Who would win?

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