Pros and Cons of Polygamy

Posted by: Black-Jesus

I can never really find good arguments for or against polygamy, but I hear a lot of people in the gay marriage debate briefly mentioning polygamy in "slippery-slope" arguments. Please do not make any religious or "moral" arguments.

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62% 10 votes
  • Historically, polygamy was born of "necessity" or a show of wealth. It made sense for one man to mate with many women in order to have many children. That insured survival and the continuation of the human species. If a woman mated with many men, it made no difference because she would still have only a few children. In some cultures women and children were (and are) property. The more you had, the more money you had to support the (to feed, clothe and house them, that is). Nowadays, though, there is much controversy over it. I say let sleeping dogs lie.

  • There is really nothing wrong with it.... so long as all members are legal and consent. I mean this is a personal opinion but I mean, it's not like people are saying "EVERYONE HAS TO BE A POLYGAMIST!"

  • Women's rights. Equality of the sexes.

  • There are a couple cons i've heard of. 1) If polygamy were popular, it would create a by numbers marriage availability imbalance. We'd find many single people unable to engage in a monogamous marriage (or many destined to be another wife or husband instead of "the" wife or husband) due to a decrease in possible partners. 2) it would enhance classism and unfair power dynamics. The rich stand to gain the most from polygamy. And with each new wife/husband the preceding spouses have less sway and influence in their marriage, making them more vulnerable to abuse.

  • Causes Issues as sharing a human without jealousy is a nearly impossible task. Also, divorce becomes messy, and jealously over children becomes a major issue.

  • I feel that polygamy is wrong for many reasons. For one, polygamy creates a gender availability imbalance. Another reason polygamy is wrong is because people are more subject to abuse because they have less control in their relationship

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TheMarquis says2015-04-19T00:38:43.4326252-05:00
I honestly don't care.

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