• PlayStation 4

  • Xbox One

48% 20 votes
52% 22 votes
  • The ps4 is the same thing as the ps3 with better specs thats it

  • Its the best

  • nothing to play of ps4, i own both and i prefer my xbox

  • xbox one is amazing because of backward compadibility and psn was hacked making me not trust psn ever and the ps3 was copying the wii when they tried to make a kinet for ps3 and 4 also microsoft gives games for free.

  • Better controller.

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gabep says2015-10-28T05:00:11.6710553Z
@Tavo - isn't that kind of the point of an upgrade? What does the XBone have over the PS4?
SongHaGin says2015-10-28T17:00:53.9273423Z
I can't PC game because I don't have the money to. But, PS4 is sleeker and has a great interface.
SongHaGin says2015-11-12T13:00:30.4610499Z
Wow, I hate Xbox since it gives you so many problems.

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