Public vs. Private School

Which provides a more quality education: public or private school?

  • Public School

  • Private School

47% 18 votes
53% 20 votes
  • Public because you can have more friends!!!!

  • A good student will be just as good at a public school as they would be at a private school. Some of the better public schools are even offering things such as International Baccalaureate, Career Technical Education classes, dual enrollment, to get college credit while still in high school, as well as a far range of physical education and fine arts classes. The school experience only depends on how driven the student is.

  • Public schools are better than private schools. You don't have to pay for them. You pay to be in a sort of club, but the world shouldn't, and doesn't work like that. Public schools also expose kids to the world, where private schools are usually one religion, and richer kids who can afford to go there. Private schools are sheltering these kids from the real world.

  • I don't support the abolition of public education. But if you can afford a high-quality private school (and high-quality also means "secular"), go for it.

  • competition/more consumer choice lowers costs, increases quality and quantity. pvt sector- not gov-subsidized no unfair tax breaks. not law exempt. not allowed to steal to fund its operation. goes out of business if it doesnt provide an affordable quality product/service. gov-sector- steals to fund its operation, often because its a failed fraudulent criminal inefficient unnecessary operation that no one wants. gov-sector steals from prvt sector=reduces competition, reduces quality and quantity, increases costs. rewarding failure caused by risky behavior w bailouts and subsidies encourages more failure. ban gov funds to k-12, headstart/preschool, remedial classes, and all college courses that dont teach whats needed to make survival products(renewable energy, water purifiers, heating and cooling, shelter, healthcare supplies and services for testing for and treating physical healthy problems and birth control, soap...)and survival services(like surgery..). only have a highly efficient job training program that doesnt teach anything unnecessary for the job, to teach how to make survival products and do survival services(as above) give a gov no intrest, credit wont go down if not repaid, no collateral, confidential loan to those who cant afford it, where they dont have to pay it back until they have over $33,000 man made property value. put in full tax deductions for: education costs for learning how to make physcial survival needs.

  • I'd like one with scholarships and no uniform.

  • Not considering prices of course, prvate schools provide a much more thorough and challenging education, with better curriculum in general, teaching critical thinking and questioning things, as opposed to just learning the facts, memorizing them, and repeating them back like parrots in various disguised ways (like projects, reports, and tests especially).

    Posted by: eb904
  • If you go to a private school that cost money all of the people that act like they should be the center of everybodies attention won't come because their parents probably don't have enough money or don't like private schools and this will make the environment better for the people hat want to learn.

  • Private only because they show more care toward the education am not saying that public don't care its just at a private school you learn harder and more stuff then public school

  • private school offers more options, And a better education in general

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Cowboy0108 says2013-09-05T21:40:19.0622287-05:00
Both have benefits, both have faults. I support homeschool. No people to deal with. Take whatever classes you want, not just what are offered.

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