Puerto Rico Vs. Dominican Republic

Posted by: Grove718

Which Island is better?

  • Puerto Rico

  • Dominican Republic

88% 7 votes
12% 1 votes
  • Well I'm Puerto Rican , but I feel that it has better living conditions, better policing, rum , women , and food , and despite what the others say we do have good baseball players but that's not all we think of; we have other things we can do besides baseball.

  • I have Puerto rican blood in my veins as well, but inspite of that my answer is not biased because from what I researched, the conditions in Puerto rico are far better, my people can take care of their own pretty well and in Dominican Republic, the politicians let their people starve.

  • I also have Puerto Rican heritage in my family and in my opinion Puerto Rico is in a better condition right now, economically and politically. Not to be biased but I would rather live in Puerto Rico, not only for that reason but also because the country has a better relationship with the United States. Although both countries have amazing and very rich history and cultures.

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