• Puppies

  • Kittens

48% 11 votes
52% 12 votes
  • Dogs are bestorz

  • PUPPIES ARE ADORABLE kitten are cute granted, but later they are a pain in the ars

  • Puppies have more companionship then kittens and also puppies are just better.

  • Pets are always cute & good companion for mankind. I have been growing & living with doggies from my childhood and I feel they were wonderful companions as well as cuter and I have no experience in keeping a kitten so far and therefore I vote for puppies.

  • I choose puppies because they are so soft and fluffy and adorably adorable. Got a reason why kittens are better than puppies? If you do I SHALL SHANK THEE.

  • puppies are so cute but so are kittens I just love dog/puppies more

  • I think this depends on elegance to choose puppies or kittens. But for me, kittens are very cute and more beautiful than puppies.

  • I love pups, but hands down kittens or cats are the far superior creature. As sentient beings go, I would rather have a cat for company that about any other life form

  • one for tied, two because both wasnt an option

    Posted by: yay842
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bsh1 says2013-10-23T10:15:37.0363989-05:00
This poll has already be made...
royalthemaster says2013-10-23T14:44:28.7187505-05:00
Obviously he just made another hahaha

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