• Vladimir Putin

  • Barack Obama

48% 13 votes
52% 14 votes
  • Obama is dumb, and a terrible President, at least Putin has the balls to act on things.

  • Who in the world would choose Obama over Putin? Those who want to die?

    Posted by: Kc1999
  • I agree with the question, Putin is a lot worse than Obama.

  • Every time that the two clashed on foreign policy, Putin won.

  • Vladimir Putin Is the best! All The Lie Facts About Him That he is invading ukraine is Fricking not true Retards!!! He Is Helping Ukraine With Supplies And Already sent tons of help to ukraine but Kiev leader Poroshenko Is killing His Own People In Donetsk luhansk!!! So Don't Listen To This Liers And Start Listening To True Facts not just facts that wasn't even proven u idiots!!!!!

  • He has held Russia together so well, and actually has the masculinity to do things! He is also exposing Obama for so many things. Sometimes a country can't be ruled by complete happiness and rights and freedom. There has to be balance between rule and freedom.

  • You just got to love obama

  • Putins a terrible guy

  • Is this to see how dumb the question is or the people answering in favor of Putin?

  • Putin is not a leader, he is a bully and a liar.

  • Putin by declaring that Russia is a regional power. Obama also pointed out that Russia is only threatening its neighbors out of a position of weakness rather than strength, as they are concerned about their waning influence in the region and the world.Russia is essentially not a superpower anymore, as they do not lead a bloc of nations and do not have a global ideology that a large number of other countries wish to follow or emulate.Russia is watching the politicians here as they constantly try to undermine the President, and openly mock him. This only emboldens them to invade a country. Putietangs job approval was falling dramatically until Crimea and now it is at 80%, however that cannot last long. I think those who constantly try to undermine the President are so blinded by their prejudices that they fail to realize he is an intelligent man. Obama knows that with a little patience Putietang will have to fold. Putie knows it too and he is a desperate man. Russia is already closing banks, the ruble is falling, the MICEX is being propped up and he told his billionaires buddies time to pay some taxes.

  • At least Obama hasn't ordered systematic murder on a minority such as gay people.

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johnnyamundson says2014-04-03T15:08:01.6003111-05:00
What even is the question? Who is worse? Who has better policies?
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-03T15:11:10.3464271-05:00
Obama is just another President. At least he isn't as bad as bush.
jery1569 says2014-04-03T15:20:12.1188924-05:00
Putin or Obama what?
Conservative101 says2014-04-03T15:21:43.3632924-05:00
AgnosticRadar says2014-04-04T07:38:07.3820671-05:00
@Briantheliberal, and you think Obama hasn't lied? You think Obama is a leader?? You guys are really blind to the facts of how terrible Obama is.
Kc1999 says2014-04-04T07:40:54.7711401-05:00
Obama is horrible. Putin is strong. And iron fisted.
NedStarkshead says2014-04-05T06:23:52.3579811-05:00
Not to mention Republicans look oh so stupid praising a communist dictator while bashing the American President . They are pathetic hypocrites and have know business criticising anyone on war after the Iraq and Afghanistan and should really just shut up
NedStarkshead says2014-04-05T06:40:28.1418196-05:00
This is sad Putin, and the GOP just started dating and looked to be a nice couple. Putins crazy and the GOPs dumb matched with both of their extreme homophobic views but a closet homosexual in their tiny hearts. All those shirtless activities like horseback riding,fishing,that Putin wanted to share with them .And who knows all the wars they could have started together and all the people they wanted to oppress might only be a fantasy but that's `ok since Republicans have been living in one for years now.

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