Q Vs. Every Jedi and Sith

Posted by: jrrjacques

Q a supernatural being from Star Trek Vs. Every single force sensative being in the Star Wars universe.

  • Q

  • Every Individual Force Power Capable Being In Star Wars

27% 4 votes
73% 11 votes
  • Q wins. Easy.

  • the Q can do anything, even take away the force powers of jedi and sith.

  • Q, can do anything and everything, Jedi's are limited. This would be an easy win for Q hands down.

  • Q is the Force there is nothing the Q can't do they can move galaxies collapse black holes even change the gravitational constant of the universe. Vader would be crushed with a mere thought. And btw Q can flick star ships across the Galaxy.

  • In Star Trek, Q is the only being with control over the force. While that made him very impressive in that series, his power would be less impressive if he was pitted against other force users. The sheer number of force users makes this side the logical choice.

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jrrjacques says2014-04-03T14:04:14.5525789-05:00
Jedi and Sith use the Force. In Star Trek one could say that Q is the Force.
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T14:13:02.9746152-05:00
Please add why you picked your choice.
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T14:20:16.5941383-05:00
The 2nd vote has been placed and no gives any reason for there choice. Come on! Tell me why! I mean it is pretty one sided if one actually takes time to look at the facts. Only fanatical Star Wars fans would turn away and say, "NOOOOO! It can't be! That's impossible! (sob sob)"
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T14:56:37.9886134-05:00
Come on people! Vote 3 now and no one has said anything!
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T15:40:19.2332155-05:00
Geese Louees! Now a 4th vote and no one has said anything! Is there only arrogant Star Wars fans on now!?
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T16:10:48.7904596-05:00
Vote number 5 is in, and still everyone seems to have lost the ability to communicate!
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T16:55:53.9102000-05:00
Vote 6...Still no one has written anything. At least give a statement that has nothing to do with this pole then we'll work from there.
CheeseFries says2014-04-03T16:56:58.9470169-05:00
Do you enjoy talking to yourself jrr?
CheeseFries says2014-04-03T16:57:06.5910659-05:00
Do you enjoy talking to yourself jrr?
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T16:58:54.0776310-05:00
YES! Finally someone wrote something. Alright I don't suppose you really know who Q is do you?
CheeseFries says2014-04-03T16:59:53.8397380-05:00
I know who he is. I voted against him.
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T17:06:27.6946820-05:00
Good you are not of those people who vote not knowing what they are voting against. The only thing that is more powerful than Q is the Q Continuum. Now in Star Wars the mystical Force gives people power, people cannot live without it, and it determines everyone's destiny. When I said Q is the Force I meant that their destiny, fates, and lives of all people who are subjected to its power. Q on a thought can exterminate an entire galaxy (that is if the Continuum allowed him).
TheG8Turk says2016-07-04T05:42:30.1251799Z
Star Trek ships pack more fire power that star wars ships. The SW ships are lumbering hulks they are un-maneuverable they can't dodge themselves on the other hand ST ships will run circles around SW ships and torpedo the hell out of a SW ship and the Borg would take the death star and turn it into a new Unimatrix.

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