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Posted by: Charliecdubs

For those of you who have a religion. What questions do you have for those who do not believe in any gods or the supernatural? Add an answer here to make that a question or just vote if you think that it is a good question and for atheists who want to answers type RE: question name. Please no trolling!

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Why are you an atheist?

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Where did we come from if there is no god?

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If you affirm evolution and that the universe will continue to expand forever, then do you think it is probable that given enough time, brains would evolve to the point of exceeding mere physical limitations and become free of the physical and temporal and thereby become "deity" and not be restricted by space and time? If not, why not?

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Are humans to the same value as other animals?

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Atheists, vote here so you can keep up with the poll

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Do you act according to what you believe (there is no God) or what you don't believe (lack of belief in God)?

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How sure are you that atheism properly represents reality?

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Do you think atheism is a worldview?

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Where does morality come from?

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22.Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If so, what is it?

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25.What would constitute sufficient evidence for God’s existence?

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Where does existence come from?

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ben671176 says2014-07-27T08:45:34.9500934-05:00
I here you man. . . They just don't like being controlled by a higher being.
discomfiting says2014-07-27T08:51:18.1814913-05:00
Does this apply solely to atheists or all irreligious peoples?
Charliecdubs says2014-07-27T08:58:58.5320957-05:00
I guess all irreligious people who also do not believe in the supernatural of any kind so not for spiritualists and new age type stuff
Charliecdubs says2014-07-27T09:00:13.6274638-05:00
Technically atheist is anyone who rejects religion but.... Better to be more specific in this case
reece says2014-07-27T09:31:51.6566920-05:00
"Why are you an atheist?" because i am what i was born. "Where did we come from if there is no god?" Most atheists don't claim to know everything about the universe/life unlike most religions, we look for answers and fix problems.We don't look for a god to make them go away.
reece says2014-07-27T09:40:26.4055385-05:00
@Charliecdubs Technically atheists are people that disbelieves or LACKS belief in the existence of God or gods.By the way all infants are atheists because they lack belief in god/god's.
Formerland1 says2014-07-27T09:53:48.2844099-05:00
Evidence for a god is insufficient . The universe was created in a moment if intense energy millions if years ago. I believe in the multiverse theory and I think that in other universes a diety could have created them but not in ours .
Formerland1 says2014-07-27T09:54:08.8598866-05:00
Millions !!!????? I'm sorry i mean billions
reece says2014-07-27T09:55:33.3456954-05:00
@Formerland1 LOL it's 13-14 billion years ago
Seido says2014-07-27T10:14:00.0922625-05:00
1) There'sscientific pof any God, so I see no reason to believe in him. 2) Nothingness, then the big bang, and then evolution. 3) Existence? Sounds like question 2. 4) From a scientific perspective, no. From my perspective, yes because of our intelligence, our ability to feel, and our awareness of being.
Z4RQUON says2014-07-27T10:16:49.6519232-05:00
1) Because there is no good reason to believe that a god, or gods, exist. 2) Just like every other form of life we see around us, humans evolved from earlier life-forms. 3) I don't know. (and neither do you, but at least I am being honest and not pretending to know something I do not) . To say that existence itself can't come from nothing just because it may be true of objects within existence is a Fallacy of Composition. If something is true of parts it does not mean it is true of the whole. Eg: The individual components of an aircraft are incapable of sustained flight, therefore an aircraft is incapable of sustained flight. 4) Nothing has inherent value, value is perceived. That being said, I would choose the survival of humans over that of the entire animal kingdom because I am more closely related to all humans than a member of another species.
Formerland1 says2014-07-27T10:28:12.7890602-05:00
If evidence for a god is shown i will believe it .
reece says2014-07-27T10:50:13.9472666-05:00
"Are humans to the same value as other animals?" i would say everything is equal in the universe.Thinking we are above something else, is one of life's great illusions via evaluation (we are all made out off the same stuff) "Where does existence come from?" matter.Being conscious as an animal has nothing to do with it.
Lexsom says2014-08-01T02:23:18.2355887-05:00
1. There is little to no solid or proven evidence to support any single religion, therefore there is no reason for me to believe in any god. Gut feelings do not science make. 2. No one can say with absolute certainty. The thing about scientists and atheists is we are willing to admit that we don't know everything about how we got here or why we are the way we are- we just have pretty good guesses with some evidence to support it. 3. Personally I believe humans are just another species of animal, albeit a *mostly* intelligent one. Just because we have higher thought processes and brain functions doesn't mean we are excluded from nature, we are products of our evolution and environments. 4. No need. This poll is nothing I haven't seen before. 5. This question is confusing. Even if my actions are derived from disbelief (which they aren't, I try to act with reason), so what if they are? A lack of belief does not automatically mean that my actions are meaningless or have no moral standing. 6. I am not in any position of authority to claim that atheism is the best connected to reality but in my opinion I think it's pretty damn close. 7. Can there really be a single worldview with, what, 7 billion people on this Earth each with differing beliefs and values? I doubt it. 8. Morality is subjective. What seems black and white to me is just varying shades of grey to someone else. I believe it, once again, is a product of our environment and our experiences. There are few absolutes and even they can be blurred occasionally. 9. Evil is another subjective. For example, you could claim that eating meat is evil. I could claim that it is part of a human's natural diet and is good. Yet another person could claim that eating once-living things at all is evil and we are both wrong. If there is one objective evil, it would be murder in cold blood. 10. Well for starters an actual demonstration of power that can't be explained by normal means and isn't connected to some ancient book written in archaic times. A sighting from someone not wanting profits would also help. Basically, show me you're there and we'll talk. 11. If we don't kill ourselves before then or die off naturally then I suppose it's a possibility. It seems remote that we would achieve the level of a deity, however, due the complications and contradictions to nature itself. 12. Again, no one is absolutely certain. The Big Bang is a theory, as is many others. All I think I know is that a petty, vengeful god did not create me.
reece says2014-08-01T03:03:13.5056507-05:00
"Do you act according to what you believe (there is no God) or what you don't believe (lack of belief in God)?" Atheism is a disbelief or a lack of belief, and i believe there is a lack of god. "How sure are you that atheism properly represents reality?" It is in our nature that we are atheist (lacking god/gods) when we are born, so i am pretty confident."Do you think atheism is a worldview?" naturally it is, so yes i do."Where does morality come from?" morality came from evolutionary processes that helped us to be a successful species, Do you see other animals randomly killing each other, etc."Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If so, what is it?" it depends on personal, societal and global morality."What would constitute sufficient evidence for God’s existence?" knowing there is a plane of existence where infinity can exist. "If you affirm evolution and that the universe will continue to expand forever, then do you think it is probable that given enough time, brains would evolve to the point of exceeding mere physical limitations and become free of the physical and temporal and thereby become "deity" and not be restricted by space and time? If not, why not?" i partly agree, I believe in the law of complexity/consciousness.But i don't believe that an infinite god/gods created the universe.
NathanDuclos says2014-08-01T16:57:26.2029368-05:00
I think atheism is a rejection of a world view, not the creation of one, or the approval of one. As for evolving into a deity like mind, I would argue other wise. Having a little bit of computer back ground, there is a limit to what a computer can do, hardware wise, being in the natural world. Even if you link computers together, which is what duel and quad cores are, a computer suddenly couldn't develop telekinetic powers or telepathy abilities, it would still need hardware to to move things around, or your just assuming that sooner or later were going to be mages, mutants and super heros. . .

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