Racism in the U.S......ARRRRGGGGG

Posted by: MakeSensePeopleDont

Will anyone provide real and modern examples of racism for us to debate?

  • Yes, Ill have your topic sent to you shortly.

  • No, there aren't enough to justify the massive outcries of racism in the U.S.

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50% 4 votes
  • I'm not gonna send it to you for a debate, but a great example is our criminal justice system. Most of this is from the war on drugs. Since many poor areas have a higher concentration of minorities, it is easier to arrest them and convict them partly because they can't afford bail or good attorneys. Of course, all of this is unintended, but it is SYSTEMIC racism.

  • The United States for the most part is NOT racist. All those sensationalist headlines decrying the U.S. as a terrible white supremacist racist nation are disgraceful and inaccurate. On the same token, however, it is ridiculous to deny that racism is not present in the U.S. Rarely do we see violent racism in America, rather, we see systemic racism. Blacks stuck in perpetual poverty, blacks more likely to be profiled by the justice system, blacks more likely to be arrested for the same crimes committed by their white counterparts, black names reducing the chance of a resume being accepted, etc. All of these things represent the systemic, deep racism that is still prevalent in our country.

  • The police are doing their job. If a heavyset white person threatened the Ferguson cop, he would be just as dead as that other idiot. Pants up, don't loot, kids. You will see that a lot of the unrest comes from deindividualized individuals who slip in and loot the stores in the unrest. They are crying "racism" to simply get away with some really stupid things. A more direct and personal example would be the time I was at Six Flags. Three guys cut in front of everyone, and I was in the same compartment as them. As we launched, the guy running things had his supervisor yell at him. We had a good time anyway, because it probably didn't have to do with us, or that was what my party of three thought. The ride ended, and staff were waiting for them. One of the morons attempted to bluster out with, "You're doing this to me because I'm black." The staff member's response could be summed up as "No, I'm doing this because you broke the rules. Come with me or there will be trouble." The moron attempted to resist, too, but got his sorry posterior tazed for his trouble. Moral of the story: Maybe it's not racism. It could be because you're breaking rules and the guy who you're calling racist is following SOP. He doesn't want to hear it; you broke the rules, and he's here to escort you out, please don't come back.

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T00:56:02.7956609-05:00
@Texas14 What does a person's economic status have to do with them doing drugs or participating in criminal activity? I bet you can find plenty of poor people that have not participated in criminal activity. Want to stay out of jail? STOP DOING CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES!!! Just because you keep doing stupid stuff and getting caught by the police does not mean you can just call it "Systemic Racism" and blame it on white Americans.
Texas14 says2015-06-30T01:11:10.4229554-05:00
It's not that they do more drugs because whites do drugs at about the same rate, it's that they have more drug arrests and have less means to avoid jail time.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T01:15:27.1674948-05:00
AHHHHHH OK, I get it now: cops just ignore white people and white people just have magic ferries and wizards following them around dropping money piles for them as they walk...Or is it the genie all of us white people have in our lamps at home? It's starting to make sense now, please keep explaining.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T01:19:14.7524248-05:00
This poor white man better start rubbing his lamp so he doesn't go out, smoke some crack, get arrested, and not have the money needed to get out of jail free. Sorry for the sarcasm but I wanted it to sound as stupid as the premise.
Texas14 says2015-06-30T01:21:56.8256090-05:00
You're not listening. I'm not saying cops ignore white people. I'm saying that white people typically have more means to make sure that they don't get much prison time. Minorities often don't have the same means. This is because minorities live in poorer neighborhoods where the police patrol more often. This is systemic racism is it not?
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T01:30:30.3234163-05:00
OK first off, let's stop destroying the English language. Here is the definition of Systemic per the dictionary: http://www.Merriam-webster.Com/dictionary/systemic How does your use of Systemic fit in with racism in any way? Second, are you saying that because I'm white, I was born differently? Birthing process for white people = Baby comes out, bag of cash comes out, full financial portfolio follows including stocks and bonds guaranteed not to fail. Birthing process for the rest of the population = Baby comes out, note comes out stating "sorry, bad draw for you son All joking aside, stop using mainstream talking points and explain, give some details, describe what you are trying to tell the world here friend.
Texas14 says2015-06-30T01:41:54.3497704-05:00
In some ways, what I'm describing is classism. But since minorities make less money, they live in poorer areas and are subject to this classism Now, it's about race and is therefore systemic racism.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T01:46:07.1549171-05:00
Again, systemic is a medical term or used with insecticides; it has NOTHING to do with racism or culture. Also, poor white people do exist, in fact I just a TON of them camping out for the day in front of...You're gonna laugh at this one...The courthouse. Poor minorities have the same opportunity for upward mobility as poor whites....How else would we have a black president from a poor a family?
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T01:49:26.2815480-05:00
Point being, just because you are not white or just because you are poor does not mean you're born into a path to prison and continual criminal offense. Your choices put you in prison, your habitual bad habits put you in prison continually. If I smoke my entire life and die of lung cancer, is it big tobacco white man corporate's fault? Or is it MY fault for doing it and not listening to the doctor?
Texas14 says2015-06-30T01:53:09.3098387-05:00
When I say systemic, I'm referring to the outcomes of the "system" or "status quo." And of course there are poor white people, but there is a much higher rate of poor blacks and Hispanics. Black unemployment is twice white unemployment.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T01:58:32.7845707-05:00
Alright, now we are getting somewhere. OK, system and Status Quo are different than systemic, completely different areas of the world. Systemic belongs nowhere in this conversation. Now for the GREAT point of Hispanic and Black Americans having a higher poverty rate than white Americans. Why is this the case?
tajshar2k says2015-06-30T05:56:09.7295571-05:00
Systematic, not systemic....
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T06:10:55.7832564-05:00
@tajshar2k OK, let's use "systematic": what is the master plan?
TBR says2015-06-30T11:43:03.9992552-05:00
@MakeSensePeopleDont - Yes, money and social status effects how you are treated in the criminal justice system. Are you denying that?
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-30T12:22:28.6931746-05:00
@TBR Treated differently? No. If your economic status requires you ascertain a public defender? Still no. Why? Simple: 1) Public Defenders are trying to build their credentials and impress a criminal defense firm. So as long as you don't do something stupid like sexual assault of some sort, you will get a great defense attorney. If not, you have the RIGHT to request and be appointed a new public defender if you feel he is not representing you satisfactorily. 2) Almost every criminal defense lawyer partakes in a minimum number Pro Bono (free) cases each year for tax reasons (donations). This gives EVERY criminal the opportunity to get the best lawyers around for free. However, there are nuances to this. In the recent past, there have been judges who have had celebrity crushes on defendants. These crushes have ultimately ended up in, not a turned head, but a lighter sentence; in some cases MUCH lighter *cough* Justin Beiber *cough*. However, that pendulum swings to ALL races and has recently. I can provide details if required. So, unless you're a celebrity of some sort that the judge pines for, the playing field is fairly equal. One last nuance here: Yes, if you are rich, you can afford better attorneys. This is the same with EVERYTHING though so welcome to a capitalist society. This does however, bring up my last question: Why do Hispanic and Black Americans have a higher poverty rate than White Americans?
tajshar2k says2015-06-30T13:47:20.4902809-05:00
I was just saying the other word had a completely different meaning.

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