Rand Paul vs Barack Obama

Posted by: brad1999

Who would you vote for?

  • Rand paul

  • Barack Obama

75% 15 votes
25% 5 votes
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myk97 says2015-06-15T14:36:06.6365766-05:00
In short, Rand Paul is a patriot who spent over 10 hours defending our rights of privacy, while Obama was on Letterman. Obama is trying to bring this country to its knees, while Rand Paul is fighting to return it to its former glory, before we got screwed by people like Obama.
TBR says2015-06-15T14:40:55.3821823-05:00
10 entire hours. Wow, I had no idea what a patriot Paul was. Bet his feet were killing him.
tajshar2k says2015-06-15T14:57:26.2976229-05:00
hect says2015-06-15T18:21:19.7915125-05:00
"I am Hect. And I see a whole army of my Users, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?" "Two thousand against ten?" - imabench shouted. "No! We will run - and live!" "Yes!" Hect shouted back. "Fight and you may be banned. Run and you will live at least awhile. And leaving the site in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young users and tell our censoring enemies that they may ban our accounts but they will never take our freedom!!!" https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=lEOOZDbMrgE
debate_power says2015-06-21T18:54:28.6917251-05:00
Okay we get it lannan

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