Rand vs. Ron Paul for president

Posted by: benhos

*Ron Paul is the father of Rand Paul.

  • Rand Paul

  • Ron Paul

62% 8 votes
38% 5 votes
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That1User says2015-04-07T18:37:12.5167039-05:00
#RonPaul2012 #EndTheFed
cris-tina says2015-04-07T18:38:24.6312214-05:00
You must be joking, right? NEITHER! As they say" the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...In this case it couldn't be more true!
triangle.128k says2015-04-07T18:49:49.0607760-05:00
None of them, they're both equally dumb.
Douglas_MacArthur says2015-04-07T19:11:04.3464295-05:00
Neither, because they are equally moronic and ignorant of basic policies and politics. The whole Tea Party is plaguing the government.

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