Real life vs Simulated life.

Posted by: K2017

If you had the chance to live your life in a simulation, it would feel one hundred percent authentic to you and you didn’t even know you were in a simulation, all your experience is real to you and you would live the absolute perfect life you could ever wish for. Would you choose the simulation, or would you stay with your ‘real life’.

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Go back to 'reality'

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Stay in the perfect simulation

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Skyscraper says2015-12-02T13:40:52.1056506Z
This sounds like a study for the VR world Second life . I spend some good time in there as I would be consider a Builder. And have a small store where i sell a few items i made. But kid you not many people see it as a extension of their lives in fact at one time maybe I got to much into it myself and you see the hours fly by and with the help of people you meet all around the world they help you stay in. The interaction with people and talking live and communication is really addictive if you come across a good group . But i stopped logging in as SL has turned out to be more of a dating site and people with to many angles . I used to hang out at Vr cafes and have great conversation with people. Then the drama starts over female and male avatars it got really strange. But today the gaming worlds are getting huge and people are taking on personas. One game came up in the past few years and the big hit was sort of a accident. Called DAYZ. In order to survive in the zombie world game you would want to meet up with people and work as a team. In fact so much people have created clans to join and yes it is like joining a family. So this poll is not to far from the truth too many people. They would rather be in a game then in real life. But theses games and world has had some beneficial toward people who are handicapped and are not able to do much, Such as Second life there is so many groups and worlds to visit that support all kinds of people who are handicapped ,so there are good sides and bad.
Skyscraper says2015-12-03T01:32:55.3811683Z
Check out this cool short film it is about 10min long .
Furyan5 says2015-12-18T08:59:08.3180639Z
This poll is on a virtual site, between people who have never met in real life. We spend more and more time online than we do in reality. The answer is obvious.
iQ says2017-08-22T19:59:26.6248604Z
Why not both? My biological body is not the same thing as my simulated body so why couldn't each be left to do my own thing?

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