Religion: Should Harry Potter be put to death by Christianity?

Posted by: The_Mystery

  • Yes

  • No

11% 4 votes
89% 34 votes
  • I'm a Christian and stop making us look like idiots. That is all.

  • what

  • this is... illogical

    Posted by: yay842
  • Why? great book & movie as first post said stop making christians look like idiots.

  • The type of witchcraft to which the Bible is opposed is the real, demonic type. Harry Potter is harmless and enjoyable fiction. There is no overlap.

  • I am a Christian. I believe Harry Potter is just for entertainment, and that there is nothing wrong with entertainment. If Harry worshipped the devil, then yes, if it were real, anyways. But he doesn't. Besides, for all you know, God gave Harry his powers.

  • The books and movies are completely for entertainment. For what reason would Christianity need to put the Harry Potter to death?

  • No. Not all Christians are hateful bastards.

    Posted by: Sitara
  • there is more freedom with GOD than without..."GOD is spirit and where the spirit of GOD is there is Liberty"

  • No Harry Potter is actually has Christian symbols... Please don't make us look like idiots.

    Posted by: tyson
  • 94%!

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