Remember KIC 8462852? Well SETI is picking up signals. Links in description.

Posted by: reece

  • Alien intelligence is looking probable.

  • It's properly another coincidence.

25% 1 votes
75% 3 votes
  • When dealing with observations in space, "Aliens" are and should be the absolute last explanation for a particular event. Aliens are often used as an explanation when we don't really have an explanation as of yet. Several other discoveries in space have stumped scientists and brought out the "it must be aliens" crowed, yet perfectly natural and reasonable explanations have later been found. Until we get hard core evidence, we can suspect this is a similar situation.

  • I don't know, therefore aliens.

    Posted by: gabep
  • Aliens should be a last resort explaination.

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reece says2015-11-09T22:11:21.5444415Z
@58539672 It doesn't seem like you've been reading up on it.
reece says2015-11-09T22:24:59.9307954Z
@TheJewelOfJool It pretty much is a last resort explanation. Astronomers have been studying the star for 5 years, i think they're more than qualified to say that there's a possibility that it might be an alien mega structure.
reece says2015-11-09T22:26:36.1131759Z
Emphasis on "possibility"

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