Republican Politicians. Do they do anything other than whine, sound like idiots, and insult the democrats?

Posted by: under_score

I hear alot on tv about republicans trying to make the democrats sound bad about whatever they do or dont do. But i never hear about republicans actually accomplish anything other than shutting down the government because they dont get their way.

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Please comment if you are trying to defend the republican party

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Yes they start wars too

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LogicalLunatic says2014-07-19T23:31:19.9124606-05:00
Seido says2014-07-19T23:54:51.1766253-05:00
@Historygenius Balanced budgets? Lol. Say hi to Bush for me.
ChosenWolff says2014-07-19T23:55:33.9563523-05:00
These people make me sad :(
Bennett91 says2014-07-20T03:09:49.9314255-05:00
This criticism may apply to modern day Republicans, however historically the GOP has done a lot of good for this country. You can still see this legacy today. Ike Eisenhower created our national highway system, Teddy Roosevelt created the FDA and national park services, and who could forget the contributions of 'ol honest Abe?
SweetTea says2014-07-20T04:45:11.7719320-05:00
Republicans CAN do good, but many in today's GOP aren't interested. The in-fighting, between Traditional Republicans & Tea Party, has really damaged the usefulness of the GOP as a whole. The last Republican President who showed any consideration for the Middle Class was Reagan. That's been years! I suspect, for Republicans to actually serve the people & achieve for the common good, the fighting will have to stop. Until then, we can only hope that Democrats, Independents, etc. can actually take their Public Service job seriously & do it! I also look to the Millennials to really modernize the GOP and drag it into this century (if any Millennials are interested in being Republican after the hell that the current GOP has put them through, i.e. no jobs, cutting unemployment benefits, wars, voting against vets benefits, student loans ballooning, etc).
ChosenWolff says2014-07-20T04:48:01.6380440-05:00
Reaganomics? Peh, lol.
NathanDuclos says2014-07-20T09:31:51.8733693-05:00
This would be a good debate however anyone defending modern day republicans would probably loose. . .
Mrkelly says2014-07-20T10:26:47.8238714-05:00
Democrats lie about everything, Republicians do nothing but whine about it. Democrats have eliminated our border with Mexico, Republicians do nothing but whine about it. Democrats steal the wealth of workers to give it to non workers , but charge you 60 cents out of every dollar for all the government employees to administer the programs, Republicians do nothing but whine about it. Democrats force companies overseas with excessive regulation and taxes and Republicians help them for higher profits and we all whine about it.
discomfiting says2014-07-20T11:10:41.1972361-05:00
Teddy Roosevelt is one the greatest Republicans in the world; but then again a Teddy Roosevelt Republican isn't the same ideology as one today. Considering how they're almost 100% different.
ChosenWolff says2014-07-22T08:42:45.4897460-05:00
Teddy referred to himself as a progressive socialist.
under_score says2014-07-28T19:11:55.1192613-05:00
Texans14. Is a liberal, progressive country a bad thing?
ben671176 says2014-09-14T19:07:38.4969349-05:00
What did George Washington say about political parties? He said they will divide the country, and he was right.

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