Republicans: woud you rather vore for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz

Posted by: emporer1

Which of the remaining "viable" GOP candidates would you vote for (or have you voted for) in the primaries.

  • Ted Cruz

  • Donald Trump

76% 25 votes
24% 8 votes
  • A real Conservative with political experience and the ability to say things with diplomacy. Has never supported, funded or invited to his wedding, Hillary Clinton. Has never proclaimed himself a "democrat" while supporting their financial policies. Does not flip flop on his ideology. Isn't a proponent of, financial backer of, or past backer of the very Washington establishment figures Trump claims to oppose. Will not abandon Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians upon entering office. Trump can't be trusTED to stick with his current ideological claims. He will make deals with democrats, and he will enforce Liberal policies. Not to mention that the way he speaks is both immature, and an indicator of future uses of Obama esc executive action. Ted Cruz for President! #nevertrump

  • better ted than dead

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emporer1 says2016-03-11T02:46:26.6019863Z
Sorry everyone, just noticed that I made a typo on 'Vote' in the title. Watching the debate and typing at the same time :)

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