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Handy_Andy says2020-05-05T14:48:59.8006728Z
One outcome is that they will be very happy, More often than not this is not the case. Some of them might tell you they are happy because they obviously need that to be the case.
justanotherbrit says2020-05-06T09:49:43.8431596Z
As a detransitioner, I have actually gone back to my agab after identifying as trans. However, One of my friends said he was trans in year 7 and he's began his transition socially (with family)! Sometimes kids are wrong, And that's perfectly valid. Kids should be allowed to experiment, But I think children shouldn't go on hormone replacements unless they are diagnosed with gender dysphoria :)
moonshade05 says2020-05-08T23:38:39.1024117Z
Not if the parents force them to be trans

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