Rick Perry vs. Martin O'Malley

Posted by: bsh1

As a Marylander, I have oddly been seeing a ton of Perry ads on the local airwaves. Tonight I watched the two Governors face off on CNN's "Crossfire." Which of these two politicians do you prefer?

  • Rick Perry

  • Martin O'Malley

50% 5 votes
50% 5 votes
  • He did a great job with crime reduction in Baltimore, the same sex marriage referendum (didn't let his own religious leanings affect his judgement), and repealed capital punishment.

  • I don't even know who martin is, but 99 percent chance I would pick him over perry. Perry is a moron

    Posted by: Mikal
  • mikal summed it up pretty well

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bsh1 says2013-09-19T00:02:24.0069175-05:00
Mikal, Martin O'Malley is the governor of Maryland. He passed legislation legalizing gay marriage, and has made MD number one in innovation and entrepreneurship in the nation.
WillDC22 says2014-12-08T21:02:41.9218081-06:00
Rick Perry? Really, they made this one too easy, I would pick antivaccine activists (i.E. Insane people) over Rick Perry
bsh1 says2014-12-08T21:07:25.7102641-06:00
You'd be surprised how many would still choose Perry though...
WillDC22 says2014-12-08T21:08:26.0355904-06:00
I know, it's insane
bsh1 says2014-12-08T21:09:15.9234310-06:00

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