• Riley Dennis

  • Blaire White

22% 2 votes
78% 7 votes
  • Prettier, more charismatic, more logical, etc. How can you prefer Dennis over the fabulous Blair White?

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • Is this even a question?

  • Blaire is far more rational and accepts the fact that gender dysphoria is a rare, Psychiatric disorder that can best be alleviated by transitioning to the gender one identifies as to the best of their ability. Riley's worldview revolves around unreasonable social engineering to appease a minority.

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kevin24018 says2017-09-11T12:06:26.0146606Z
Blaire actually looks and sounds like a female, most attractive guy I've seen
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T13:06:28.5146370Z
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