• RTS (Real Time Strategy)

  • RPG (Role Playing Game)

57% 4 votes
43% 3 votes
  • There is much more thinking. RPGs are generally just repeating same pattern over and over again in order to increase numbers.

  • A good RTS has roleplaying elements, coupled with intense strategy

  • I prefer RPGs because I find that RPGs have a greater replay value than RTS games, presuming there are multiple endings. For RTS games, you usually just use the same strategy, or three, over and over again depending on the difficulty of the computer and/or what race or faction they are playing as. RPGs allow you to really feel like your in the world and they aren't as frantic as RTS games, they also can sometimes throw difficult decisions at you and certain encounters require a lot of strategy in order to successfully conquer them.

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mishapqueen says2014-08-02T13:41:38.0121097-05:00
I have no idea.....
PetersSmith says2014-08-02T14:47:08.0285759-05:00
Although, to be honest, I do play Grand Strategy Games a lot more than RPGs.
ChosenWolff says2014-08-02T15:29:06.3454841-05:00
I don't play as much games as I used to, but I really enjoy the total war series.

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