RuneScape players: Do you think Legacy Mode will be successful?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

A less serious polls for us Runescapians out there.

  • Yes

  • No

67% 2 votes
33% 1 votes
  • Yes. It fills a gap that needs filling and should be satisfactory enough (judging by the Stream) to ensure that it appeals to those who preferred pre-EoC combat. Although the twitch stream saw a lot of negative, this did actually die down after a while and of course, the stream was just Alpha and looked promising. There is plenty of time for improvement and Legacy will not be released into the live game until most players are satisfied with the beta.

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Zylorarchy says2014-05-17T18:29:52.3027846-05:00
Negativity* not negative.
Seido says2014-05-17T20:43:32.5123846-05:00
People still play Runescape?
Zylorarchy says2014-05-17T20:59:42.8100618-05:00
@Seido: Yes they do, the game is still popular though not as much as it was.

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