Russia accuses US of sending Mercenaries to Ukraine, to stir unrest. Did it happen?

Posted by: Jifpop09

  • Yes, its likely

  • No, its a pathetic excuse to turn around the blame

30% 3 votes
70% 7 votes
  • Seriously Rhodesia? Is there even any proof?

  • I read their article on this. I literally almost died laughing. Like no joke was on the ground dying.

  • AS if we don't have enough to do? Really Putin? Needing attention much?

  • I remember my friend told me this, the same one who thinks that the FBI is watching him and only watches/reads Russian news.. I think all that mountain air got to his head.

    Posted by: Muttl
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Kreakin says2014-04-11T02:43:29.8703075-05:00
How the smeg should I know??
Jifpop09 says2014-04-11T05:40:50.1910414-05:00
Common sense
howardzinn says2014-04-11T10:53:05.0419540-05:00
"smeg" ? LOL

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