Russia or Germany

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Which country do you prefer and why?

  • Russia

  • Germany

45% 13 votes
55% 16 votes
  • Russia has borchst and a better theme song. All germany has is beer to make you forget that you should have gone to russia

  • Russia is more diverse and more cultural and it may be spending money in the wrong places instead on people and homes. Germany has had an extremely rough and bleak history and it is a quite modern country but if you take out the financial point of view, I personally think that Russia would be better

  • Russia, At the very moment, Is as equally good as Germany. It's poor, But it's not swarmed with immigrants, And its' culture is well preserved. From the songs, To the food, To the language, Everything about it is beautiful. Germany also had some nice songs in the past, And a nice language, But now its' songs are very Western like - Terrible, Inspired by immigrants and other bullshit influences from other areas.

  • Germany has a better standard of living is more democratic and offers better human rights and freedoms

  • I know more German than Russian.

  • Germany is an ally led by a sane person. Russia is a hostile state led by a tyrant and his "kleptocracy".

    Posted by: maude
  • Germany has a much more exquisite and superior culture compared to Russia, And Germans have shown a great deal of perseverance and national pride throughout the past century, Compared to the honorless drunk Russians. Germany has also contributed to the development of culture and art with its abundance of philosophers, Politicians, Musicians and writers.

    Posted by: AnselZ
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billsands says2018-12-29T06:51:27.6346090Z
Perhaps we should have just stayed out of ww2. . The germans seem to have it right. . Or wait that because we killed all the nazis never mind
ladiesman says2019-01-08T19:50:19.6990035Z
Russia has a dish I like a lot: beef stroganoff.
anthony_coulter says2019-02-07T18:30:28.1222909Z
Russia has outlawed homosexualtiy, And tortures innocent men women and children for expressing themselves, Something outlawed by the United NAtions

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