Salah vs mane, Who should Real Madrid buy?

Posted by: 201323071

Reals getting Salah or mane this summer, Who should it be. If you want Salah, Yes. If you want Mane, No

Poll closed on 9/8/2019 at 12:00AM.
  • Salah

  • Mane

60% 3 votes
40% 2 votes
  • Mane and Salah are both extraordinary players. But really? There's no contest. The Egyptian king will soon be running down the wing at the bernabeu, And scoring goal after goal.

  • Mane, Because he can pass. Salah's better at scoring, But Mane's better all around.

  • Salah may be more well rounded, But Mane would fit better in Zidane's setup, Or any formation for that matter.

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