Scaryness Poll: Rabid Runner Zombies Vs. Slow Undead Shifters

Posted by: ComradeNickie

Now this is a poll for what you think is a scarier concept. Not for stats or strengths but simply on the scary factor. First we have the Rabid Runner Zombies, theses usually tend to be still semi alive but under the influence of some virus, usually claimed to be super rabies . They yell and scream and seem to be angry and very are aggressive. And, like said before they run. Then on the other side we have Slow Shifter Zombies. Often portrayed in movies as being torn up, missing chunks or limbs, and grey skin

  • Rabid Runner Zombies

  • Slow Undead Shifters

55% 6 votes
45% 5 votes
  • Fast ones are harder to keep hitting with my machette and I'm likely to get swarmed.

  • I find the faster ones more realistic, and therefore more likely to happen to me.

  • I personally think, after reading WWZ and playing Resident Evil that the slower zeds are much more frightening. The fast aggressive ones come off more like monsters and though that is scary you do miss out on the more human element that you get with Zombies.

  • Slow undead zombies are very hard to cure, while fast shifters are infected, so an injection strike would do.

  • they are fare more terrifying, as being slow, you have to watch as you are engulfed in the undead, unlike games like cod zombies, where the reaction to dying is "well I guess I died again", also with slower enemies you can study them more

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