School Hours (Classroom Discussion)

Posted by: chisomm

Should the school day be an hour and a half longer than it currently is for secondary school students? Argue your claim with specific reasons, explanations, and examples.

  • Keep the school time the way it currently is for secondary students.

  • Make the school day an hour and a half longer for secondary students.

93% 28 votes
7% 2 votes
  • because some people have siblings that get out at 3:30

  • keep same because some kids have to go get their brothers or sisters after school and they cant do that if dchool is longer.

  • i think kids should not have a longer day because some kids don't have the attention span for that long. also some kids have to pick u there little siblings

  • i think that it should be longer

  • i say no because people have to pick up there brother and people have sports to do.

    Posted by: huncho
  • Schools hours should be same. Schools should be the same because it can interact with students other activities. Opposing say that lengthening the school hours increases the instructional time. Although that's a good reason, lengthening the school days add cost to school. Teachers would ask for more money, and the electricity and any other things would cost more as well. Schools should be the same because kids can have a good amount of sleep, would still get to learn, and would have time for their other activities like sports, picking up their siblings,etc. Therefore, schools should stay the same to maintain balance in the economy, and with the students other activities.

  • School should not be raised a hour and a half. According to PBS, some states are moving to this type of schedule in attempt to increase the students achievement. Though this may occur, it comes with its down sides. According to a new survey for the American Psychological Association,1,018 teenagers, ages 13 to 17, and 1,950 adults was conducted online last August and found many teens reporting being overwhelmed or depressed because of their high stress levels. This is due to the amount stress the teen is over while being overworked with work at school and homework while schools longer they're schedule. What we need to do is keep the schedule the same and get our stuff together no so less stress is in our environment. then maybe we can think about some kind of a vote on the " Schools Schedule".

  • I believe that school hours should stay the same. I think this because students will be more tired and sleepy in class and not paying attention. Also adding time to the school day will increase the cost. state that “Research does not clearly support longer hours spent in school, according to the "Chicago Tribune," which reports that not a single study has linked improved student performances to longer school day”. So this is why I believe we shouldn't increase school hours

    Posted by: jayyyy
  • The reason the school hours should be the same is because some students have to pick up siblings and have to do things after school. Parents also have to go to work and could end up late if school hours shift. Some older students might have jobs to go to and the time change could affect their schedule for work. Then students will have to adjust to the change of the start time of school. This change would still have students going to sleep later and making them tired. This is why school times should stay the same.

  • claim is that we should keep the school day the same the district will have to pay teachers more money on there salarie. people might not have time because people have to do after school activieties children will get hungry the later u keep them so is the school gonna feed the hungry kids again or let them starve

  • If anything they should make the school day shorter! I'm in 8th grade and I get home at 2:30 from school (it starts at 7:20am) when I come home from school I usually check my phone, get a snack, and just relax for a little. Come 3 o'clock and I get started on my homework. I am usually working on homework from 3 to 10-11 at night! ( minus time for dinner) making the school day longer would only add to that stress and it would give teachers the ability to give MORE homework because they have longer to teach their lessons! Students like me would never be able to complete all their school work, spend time with family, talk to friends, and get a good night of sleep. Keeping it the same way would still be better than adding an hour and children barely want to be there in the first place! That's my opinion anyway.

  • I have a rather radical idea- shorten summer break and make school days shorter. Less stress on students, and less knowledge going poof in the summer!

  • lengthen the school day will give teachers more time to spend with the students

  • The school day should stay the time as it is. If we stay longer, there wouldn't be enough time to do outside interests. I'm sure everybody has something to do. Students have to go pick up their siblings from school. It would also cost additional money and time. Janitors would have to stay longer and the heating, cooling, and keeping the lights on would have to stay longer too. Kids would be hungry as well! No one likes to do work on an empty stomach. Test scores wouldn't be higher either. Since students don't like school anyways, they would never last another hour.

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korea123 says2016-11-16T16:50:56.3379946Z
According to research with more time spent at school parents worry their kids will not have the time or energy to enjoy being children.The best activity experience are the ones outside of school. Whether or not longer school days will work depends on the situation at hand.Having longer school days mean increased cost to the community.
lul.nikki_p says2016-11-16T16:52:06.2264426Z
I do believe that students should only be in school for the regular time period. My explanation for this is simple. If school hours increase then it will increase more problem. Schools would have to pay over $1,200 per student, and have to pay teachers more money. Making students stay at school longer also limits the time they have for after-school activities, this could make kids not get anytime to relax. And although they spent all the money for hours to be extended, problems, like fights, bullying, test scores, and citzenship, would not find a solution
Charlatte says2019-03-08T17:53:29.9474139Z
Omg neither of these! Make the days SHORTER NOT LONGER don't DON'T keep them the way they are right now.
Charlatte says2019-03-08T17:55:10.6298139Z
Students already have little time to actually spend with their parents assuming that after school they are doing homework. Don't make that worse for the families, Students, And teachers please.

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