• School should make core classes options and start focusing more on helping students get ready for the real world. Schools should focus on what you want to be when you grow up and help you prepare. I think school should, of course wait till you start middle school. Not everyone is going to need to know everything we are learning in school. I know so many people who are in high school and don't know how to: pay taxes, buy a house, pay bills, and manage money.

  • You never know what youll need to know

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43% 6 votes
  • Learning your core subjects is essential for the real world. You may not need to know the exact year Stonewall Jackson died, but having knowledge of the core subjects preventa ignorance and allows you to make better decisions and you know, be literate. Be grateful and appreciate the opportunity you have to be educated. Some people literally die for the opportunities you have handed to you.

    Posted by: Stefy
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pavlovringsabell says2015-09-30T20:10:13.2453444Z
To an extent but not all the way through school

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