School uniforms are not necessary

Posted by: mcpansuriya

School uniforms do not help students an any way at all. The take away students ability to express themselves through their clothes and how do they reduce bullying at all? Also, we are entitled to a free education. Therefore, students should not be required to buy uniforms. There have been studies done on if uniforms help kids academically at all and almost all of them have shown that uniforms have absolutely no effect at all on kids academic performance. That's why school uniforms should not be required in

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  • School uniforms, even though they take away a students creativity, they make it easy to figure out what you will wear tomorrow.

  • you should be yourself, not be dressed like the president. schools that make the uniforms are bad at designing them cuz they look ugly

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FallenAngel1 says2017-07-25T10:43:47.8397622Z
Im not going to choose a side so im going to say it in here and say both school uniforms are useful because you can figure out whose not to be there and hopeful they wont be late cause they already have clothes ready but on the down side it takes away there creativity and there individuality but also if i could say in two different scenario s1 if two girls walk past each other ones where nice clothing the other girl will be like hey im going go shopping and bye new clothing etc. and so they will fight off who has the better clothing and than my s2 will be like that with boys or something so choose carefully guys or girls what do you think

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