School uniforms

Posted by: Chuck.Norris

Should kids have to wear school uniforms

  • YES

  • NO

35% 20 votes
65% 37 votes
  • The reason for uniforms is to prevent conflict. If someone does not like your clothes or does not like the motto on your shirt there will be conflict. Conflict results in violence. some people are unpredictable and my escalate it into gangs and guns.

  • Other kids might get teased by the clothes they are wearing, but if you are all wearing the same clothes there will be no one to make fun of. Just the way it is supposed to be. Other students may have violet mean shirts that may threaten another student

  • Who wants to wake up everyday and find something different to wear to school? A uniform is so much more easier and plus its what represents a school.

  • It's so much easier. I would hate having to wake up every day and have to think of a nice outfit to wear that will impress everyone.

  • Uniforms help people not to be excluded based on what they wear. Many people can't afford the trendy, hip clothes that some people can afford. This may lead to bullying and exclusion. So for those reasons I think schools should have uniforms.

  • Clothes shouldn't be the only things that let people express who they are.

    Posted by: LsnapZ
  • actually , depends on the uniform

  • No, uniforms are really dumb. I can live with wearing pants a jacket everyday, but if I have to wear a specific set of clothing I'll be pissed off all the time.

    Posted by: Bolas
  • Schools should be teaching kids to think for themselves. Making them all dress the same defeats the purpose of that.

    Posted by: GDBH
  • Though i wouldn't mind Japanese uniforms. NOTE: wouldn't recommend for Americans.

    Posted by: reece
  • no no no same clothes everyday ILL!!!

  • I say kids shouldn't wear uniforms because there's so MUCH poor people and they can't afford it.Even if a person wears a bad shirt tell them to change or they will WEAR a uniform and i dont think thats hard and we should let the KIDS have A say! I hope this happens

  • Uniforms are taking away the freedom that kids have to express who they really are

  • Some people can't afford uniforms. Uniforms can be VERY pricy. Also, people should be able to express themselves (within a certain dress code).

  • I hate school uniforms. They are so clumsy and ugly.

  • If families are on a tight budget, the high expense of uniforms would not be a concern for them. Also, their may be peer pressure on what to wear to school everyday.

    Posted by: Russo
  • no because people can tell a lot about through your clothing

  • I believe we should let children be free to express their fashion voices and opinions but I do also need to make it aware that some reasons schools have uniforms is to prevent humiliation and bullying at schools, I was bullied severely as a child and this topic hits close to home.

    Posted by: AveyC
  • No. Whats the point in wearing uniforms. Why do we wear uniforms. Yes, uniform makes students look smart but it doesnt matter what you wear because parents choose to pay for there childrens education. Not for them to wear certain chlothes

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