• Scorpion

  • Sub-Zero

75% 15 votes
25% 5 votes
  • freeze!

  • This battle would be a battle based on who would land the first hit. If scorpion would land his spear, scorpion would automatically win. Although, if missed, Sub-Zero would have enough time to throw an ice ball and freeze the demonic ninja to land a killing blow.

  • sub zero can kill scorpion easily , all he has to do is catch his spear and freeze is and since its part of him it will freeze him inside out and kill him

  • Hes kwel XD

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furqan3174 says2015-05-21T09:46:21.9782595-05:00
Scorpion is from the underworld he rose from the dead
furqan3174 says2015-05-21T09:47:11.0309176-05:00
calebdaniels123 says2015-05-21T13:18:55.4167921-05:00
So the best one is reptile
recongamer459 says2015-11-09T17:06:05.2055238Z
Sub zero is the best

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