Self-Harm: What Do You Think?

Posted by: BandsandMusic

Do you think people who self-harm should be shamed by their peers because they self-harm? Do you think it's ok to make someone feel bad because they hurt themselves? Do you think putting someone who self-harms, in a mental hospital, is ok? Leave a comment with your vote.

  • Yes, You should make them feel bad. What they are doing is wrong.

  • No. Be supportive. Don't punsih them. They already punish themselves.

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  • I used to self-harm and I know what it's like to be looked at differently because of it.

  • From personal experience.

  • i say this because if you keep pushing them they might get to the point where the just dont want to live any more cause they feel no one cares and they dont built up walls to keep you out just to see who cares enough to break them down

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UtherPenguin says2015-04-14T18:29:17.8636587-05:00
BandsandMusic says2015-04-14T18:34:56.3212790-05:00
heil41 says2015-04-14T22:41:10.0550766-05:00
Well if that person is racially inferior suicide for that person should be recommended
BandsandMusic says2015-04-15T10:19:40.2554842-05:00
No that is not ok. You are sick.

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