• Sharks

  • Crocodiles

46% 6 votes
54% 7 votes
  • I prefer Crocodiles!

  • This question again? I'm gonna be lazy and just copy and paste what i said last time. . . . Tough choice between 2 apex predators. Gonna have to give it to the crocodile though. It regularly takes down prey that is larger than it is and has remained physically unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Also managing to survive the mass extinction event that wiped them out. It's a predator that often lives in watering holes, Which tends to be some of the most dangerous places in it's environments. Not only thriving in that area, But dominating. A crocodile can go without food for up to 3 years and some species regularly go 6 months between meals, A shark dies if it doesn't eat regularly. Crocodiles are masters of conserving energy, Sharks must keep swimming or they can't even breathe. There is no comparison when it comes to hunting efficiency, A shark misses it's mark as often as it hits, Crocodile's are ambush predators it's prey usually not knowing it is there until it is too late. Granted, A crocodile can miss its prey with a bite as well, But it makes no difference as the prey has no choice but to come back to the water because it will die without it. Crocodile's are freaks of nature, Evolution got it right very early on and they haven't changed since, Because they don't need to. They are already the perfect killing machines.

  • there r wayyyyy better cause of the dudes comment up

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GreatUbermensch says2018-12-13T03:28:59.1739904Z
Crocodiles are the apex predator of the their respective environments. Sharks however are killed easily by whales and flocks of dolphins.
smokey0990 says2018-12-13T04:26:55.2666235Z
To be fair sharks are apex predators in a number of environments as well, And when it comes to mortality rates they kind of win that one since less than 1% of crocodiles survive to become the dominant predators they are in adulthood. However, Those that do make it to adulthood are always apex predators.
paul_tigger says2018-12-15T10:30:58.3509855Z
This debate is asinine when in light of the fact that no arguments have been submitted on behalf of the shark and yet they receive votes in favor. The crocodile should clearly be the victor based upon the only argued position.

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