Shogi vs Chess

Posted by: Arganger

Watch this video if you may, to understand shogi a little:

  • Shogi

  • Chess

14% 5 votes
86% 32 votes
  • It's a little more complex and I like being able to put pieces back into play.

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Swagnarok says2017-10-22T01:52:00.3129857Z
Only played the latter, so...
reece says2017-10-22T02:00:51.8083927Z
That video didn't help at all. If anything, it confused me even more.
Arganger says2017-10-22T02:04:10.3664655Z
@reece, try this
Swagnarok says2017-10-22T04:05:59.4067956Z
*Is losing* "Ooh look! A pork bun!" "Where? Where?" *Uses this distraction to flip the board around, subsequently wins the game*

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