Shopping in Person vs. Online Shopping

Posted by: laika_10

Which one do you prefer? (please leave a comment , Thank you)

  • Shopping in person

  • Online shopping

62% 10 votes
38% 6 votes
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jyotipatel says2014-04-27T06:44:13.5965931-05:00
Both are awesome,depends on mood.
sreejamol says2016-01-08T13:44:42.6967040Z
The shopping items, whether they are garments, handbags or even mobile phones for that matter do not look exactly the same way as in the photographs/images. So, the end result may be disappointing quite often. Besides you get devoid of the actual shopping experience by looking at various options and selecting one to your heart's content and fulfilling your purse capacity. Lastly, there is no platform for bargaining if you feel it is not really worth the price.

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