Should 13 year olds be allowed to date?

Posted by: Noahmsu3

What do you think???

  • Yes

  • No

67% 24 votes
33% 12 votes
  • It is up to the parents really. You can have your opinion but the decision ultimately comes down to the parents

  • Depends on who they are dating, if they're older than 14 then it should be illegal.

  • No one can tell a 13 year old that they can't date unless it's their parents and even then the child still doesn't have to listen.

  • 13 year olds are independant people and dating is fully in their control.

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ShadowbannedAlready says2017-07-30T21:12:16.4410977Z
Abortion rates say no, they shouldn't.
Em5206 says2019-10-18T21:17:35.4155571Z
Ye! They are teenagers.

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