Should 3rd Party candidates be allowed on presidential debates?

Posted by: Texas14

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Texas14 says2015-07-17T23:24:02.3594217-05:00
Sorry I made this poll twice. My internet's being weird and i thought the poll wasn't submitted.
piacostello says2015-07-18T01:50:34.2974848-05:00
Third party should be able to join in in the debates, because regardless if they have a chance of winning, they still have ideas that are relevant to todays state of the world.
TBR says2015-07-18T12:33:24.4255358-05:00
There is no issue with anyone speaking on the issues. That has no bearing on if they should be included in the debates. Again, what I am getting at is, a third party can not, and should not, represent better than half the people. If that is ever true, the party platforms would need to shift. Third-parties make more sense at the local, and in some cases, congressional districts. IRV would work nicely, but at the presidential level, two parties fighting it out is the best. Three, or four, or whatever the number may be, only dilutes the mandate.

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