Should a game be released even if people will find it offensive or religious reasons?

Posted by: Loveshismom

The picture is from "why final fantasy is anti-religion," a episode of Game Theory.

  • Yes

  • Noooooooooo

80% 20 votes
20% 5 votes
  • Freedom of speech! Anyone who doesn't like doesn't have to play it.

  • It's not like the government is impeding on their religion. The game company is, so complain to them instead.

  • Yeah, I may find it offensive, but that's my problem

  • Obamas already trying to ruin the constitution, Let's help him, shall we x3

  • Of course! Freedom of religion is part of America. It would be offensive to some religions, but it also be supporting some. Just like building a cross at a park, as long as you got permission, you shouldn't not be allowed to do it.

    Posted by: Hullox
  • Of course. If you are offended by it, don't play it. Lots of people will have fun and the people who won't have fun just shouldn't play it and have fun in their maximum security padded room.

  • Censorship is BAD!

    Posted by: LyonsZ
  • Offensive games will cause a hate fan base and will basically lead to wars on the internet, the devs can easily remove the offensive content or remake the game's textures and settings to be more appropriate to the audience. Why would they even make an offensive game in the first place?

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Loveshismom says2014-07-06T18:31:19.0718311-05:00
@PreferNotToBeLabeled, if you want people to know you're anti-religion can't you just wear a T-Shirt of Satan with the word "religion" on his head or say it on a site profile or something like that? People can still figure that out from a video game concept.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-07T01:54:37.5923643-05:00
I'm not exactly sure what your point is. Anyways, it's freedom of speech like with books they should be able to say almost anything they want.
Preston says2014-07-08T08:06:56.4614418-05:00
Freedom of speech doesn't cover everything guys, infact if something is hateful its not covered under freedom of speech.
MartinWuzHere says2014-07-14T00:40:48.1374000-05:00
So if I wanted to complain to the government about all of the most offensive video games they'd listen for once
Preston says2014-07-14T07:12:37.2510536-05:00
Depends on how many other people you get on board, but they have the power to remove games from production lines.

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