Should a girl in 6th class aged 12 and 2 months be allowed Snapchat?

Posted by: ellieodris

Hi, my name is Ellie. I am 12 years old and I was wondering if you think I should be allowed Snapchat at my age as all my friends have it?

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No, Snapchat was made for children over 13 years of age. She should not be going on a dangerous social app before she is the right age. She is not mature enough to make wise decisions over social media.
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Yes, I think she should be allowed Snapchat at her age. She is becoming a teenage girl and she is becoming mature, she is responsible enough to have a social app to chat with friends.
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Yes. So long as she isn't sending nudes to boys older than her.

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Yes. So long as see isn't sending pictures to NIGGERS!

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shuttering says2016-12-21T03:23:57.4792395Z
NO, if you're calling colored people n*ggers, you are obviously way too immature to use snapchat.
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