Should a Muslim baker be forced by law to create a Christmas cake for a Christian customer?

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Joshfour says2018-06-14T20:45:50.4155038Z
No, this is kind of like the recent wedding cake supreme court case, I believe that businesses should have the right to discriminate against anyone. And this Muslim is protected under the 1st amendment.
asta says2018-06-18T00:14:45.1214421Z
Not every business would discriminate against Christians. A Christain could go to another baker.
smokey0990 says2018-06-18T03:06:05.3022854Z
Realistically speaking you are 100% correct asta. In this case the Christian customer should have simply gone to another baker and moved on with their life. Since discrimination against Christians is not so widespread that this would be difficult. They should use their common since, at most criticizing the baker for the decision, and gotten over it. They certainly should not make a federal case out of it, I can see no good reasons for doing that. Simply put it would be stupid to make such a big issue out of it, in this we are in agreement. However if they do make a case out of it the law is (was) clear, refusing service to anyone solely for their religious beliefs is illegal. Once it gets to that point (which it shouldn't) the baker should be forced to make the cake. Because if he is not, then this creates a loophole which other businesses could use to also deny service to Christians. Now realistically speaking this is not a major issue, because Muslims are in the minority. However if Muslims were in the majority and many of them viewed Christianity as morally wrong. This loophole does indeed open up the possibility that it might one day become difficult for a Christian to find a baker that would be willing to make them a cake for their holiday. In order to prevent the problems associated with segregation the law has to draw a line somewhere. It had drawn that line, but when the Muslim baker is allowed to discriminate against his clients that line is erased. In my opinion that line should not have been erased, and the law should not contradict itself.
Mister_Man says2018-06-19T04:55:27.2172222Z
Interesting look at it, Smokey0990, I actually agree with you to an extent. The only difference would be that no matter what happens, there will always (somewhere) be a Christian bakery, or bakery willing to make a Christmas cake, and if anything were to happen where one demographic oppresses another, people would stand up and fight against it. We saw this with the Civil War and more.
smokey0990 says2018-06-20T05:25:34.7914299Z
I sincerely hope that you are right Mister_Man. However in the last year I've seen more racism and bigotry than I thought had ever existed in my lifetime. It seems unlikely that we would see segregation on the level of the 50's. But crazier things have happened. Yes it is ethically wrong to force someone to do anything that goes against their personal beliefs (most people do things that go against their own religious beliefs anyways, but that is between them and their God/s). But the consequences for not doing so could be much worse. The Civil War was a bloody affair if the law gives a chance for us to go down that road again, then what is it good for? If it takes wars and assassinations to prevent us from oppressing each other, then I don't think the law is doing it's job (keeping order) very well.
hala3568406 says2018-07-21T09:30:59.7958037Z
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cheyhwi says2018-07-22T00:43:26.7935277Z
The muslim baker shouldn't be forced by the law, but to deny generating income for the business, maybe their employer should think twice

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