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Organicdem says2014-11-03T15:18:57.2928788-06:00
I think far more than a voter ID should be required to vote. I believe in the qualified vote ; I am 100% I know nothing about cancer yet when I am expected to vote I will be forced to support a party relative to an issue I know nothing about. I believe that people must only be allowed to vote about things that they know about. Farmers should vote about farming, doctors about health care, teachers about teaching ect ect. Everybody should require a card and to have filled out a test which grades them on how much they know about the debate topics covered in any candidacy.
Tonius5 says2014-11-03T18:35:55.1349289-06:00
Why, mishapqueen? Are minorities too stupid to get an ID? You need an ID for pretty much everything else. They even required ID to protest voter ID laws.

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