Should abortion be illegal?

Posted by: NoobyGurl

Excluding reasons of rape, disease, and deformities should abortion be illegal? Put your reason if you can.

  • No

  • Yes

47% 17 votes
53% 19 votes
  • 9 times out of ten. the cause of abortion is to save a life. or to prevent one that came about because of RAPE

  • While I assume that the stats scottthelegend mentioned were pulled out of his ass. I will still vote on this side. Why? Because I think murder should be decriminalized so that I can kill some of these stupid people, legally. Obviously, I would be a hypocrite if I wanted murder legalized but said abortion should be illegal, considering I think they're pretty close to the same thing.

  • I pretty much uphold the Roe v. Wade decision

  • A child should never be born into this world from a mother who never wanted to carry her/him in her body in the first place.

  • I am 100% against abortion. However, if abortion was not legal, women that did not want to become pregnant will get an unsafe abortion and possibly die.

    Posted by: nwm200
  • You don't control anyones body but your own. So stop trying to.

  • Usually when abortions are done, they are done very early into the pregnancy. A baby hasn't even formed, it's still a tiny cell (not that that isn't a beautiful thing) but the cell doesn't feel emotion or pain. Also, like many other people have said, if a baby is born into an unwanted, unhealthy, broke and/or abusive family and lifestyle, it seems more beneficial to choose abortion. Women have a right to their own bodies and should be able to make their own decisions about what happens to them.

  • Duh. What happens if it came along because of rape

  • Its an innocent life that hasn't been given a chance yet.

  • It's basically murder It's their fault for WANTING to have unprotected sex

  • Well, people do to their bodies what they wanna do, i guess... If someone wants smoking to be legal, and you want it to be illegal, then you lied to yourself here.

  • I can't believe this is actually something up for debate . . . Are we so sick of a society that we permit killing children? Pro-aborts are DISGUSTING!

  • Should be illegal just like murdering is. Abortion and murder? Same things

  • There are too many unwanted kids in the world today that are abused and mistreated because their parents dont want them . Putting kids into foster homes is not the answer. It takes years to adopt.

  • It is murder. That simple. You don't kill a life to save a life.

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NoobyGurl says2016-03-03T19:12:17.3823943Z
Even though I think it should be illegal I want you to put your honest opinion. Please remember this is a poll not a debate.
m_moppindafloor says2016-03-03T20:21:45.0473513Z
Even if it isn't something that scottthelegend mention it is still the women's choice. A women isn't a machine made to pop out babies. If she decides not to carry the baby then it is her decision. She shouldn't be forced to do something with her body that doesn't concern outsiders. Other than family members she asks for their opinion, people should keep their mouths shut.
Black-Jesus says2016-03-03T21:26:53.5744058Z
@m_moppindafloor, but that isn't what is being debating. What's being debated is whether or not, once a woman gets pregnant, is it still just her body that she's controlling? Pro-lifers see the zygote/fetus as valuable human life, pro-choicers only see the fetus as a human life once it is a baby outside of the woman's body and independent. No one is trying to control anyone's body, if there are any pro-lifers that are pro-life because they want to control women's bodies for some strange reason, they are a vast minority.
stschiffman says2016-03-03T21:59:03.9151797Z
@scottthelegend Rape and life saving abortions actually account for less than 1% of total abortions. The other 99% are from women too irresponsible to live with their actions.
m_moppindafloor says2016-03-03T22:00:28.5457222Z
@Black-Jesuse I'm pretty sure my opinion about the subject was clearly stated when I said "If she decides not to carry the baby then it is her decision."
Black-Jesus says2016-03-03T22:09:49.9751307Z
@m_moppindafloor, yeah I know you are pro-choice and I referred to you as such.
stschiffman says2016-03-03T22:51:51.2970833Z
@m_moppindafloor No person should have the "choice" to take the life of another person for any reason other than self defense. So, unless the baby is mugging her or trying to attack her, she should have no right to kill him/her.
Anonymous says2016-03-04T02:09:27.9684739Z
The right to life is much more important than bodily autonomy. Period (pun intended).
Black-Jesus says2016-03-04T02:22:30.6541043Z
@m_moppindafloor, you see? I'm not saying I agree with them, but pro-lifers such as these see abortion as murder, and therefore you saying women should have a choice to get one, to them, is like someone saying everyone should have the choice to commit murder of another person if they so desire.
snkcake666 says2016-03-04T17:48:12.3375038Z
The choice buttons are rather misleading.
R3ALIST says2016-03-04T21:07:32.2057253Z
Frankly, I disagree with abortion! But sadly if a women decides to abort an embryo or whatever then the decision is far from anyone's control. Now, reading the description ( which said "Excluding reasons of rape, disease, and deformities") Do I agree abortion should be illegal, yes I do! Once whomever (she) decides to have sexual intercourse without informing her partner about protection knows the risk and chances of getting pregnant. So, excluding reasons of rape, diseases, and deformities, then why get an abortion?

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