Should abortion be legal in cases of rape, and when it could endanger the mother's life?

Posted by: Mikal

Should it?

  • Yes

  • No

84% 54 votes
16% 10 votes
  • Yes, I believe abortion should be legal in case of rape, as it happens frequently. But however, be careful because if abortion is made legal, many prostitutes and other people will definitely take advantage of this and abort their unborn baby

  • I believe abortion should be legal no matter what the reason before the viability point. Banning abortion does nothing to reduce abortions- most of the world's abortions occur in nations where it is illegal.

  • Only in cases where it will save the pregnant woman's life, we should try to keep one life instead of forfeiting both lives. Only in that case should abortion be legal, lives matter. "What if the child you abort has locked up in his/her brain the cure to cancer? Then it would be your fault people were dying from cancer, because you decided his/her life was to be forfeited."

  • I believe abortion should be legal always up until 26 weeks of pregnancy.

  • If the mother's life is truly at risk. Not just some common condition during pregnancy. I also think 26 weeks is far too late in pregnancy for an abortion( not that any earlier is any better). There are some pre-term babies that are born at 23 weeks and survive.

  • Abortion should be between the mother, God, her partner, and her doctor.

    Posted by: Sitara
  • I think abortion should be legal due to any reason, it is a women's right; her body, her choice. Whether the reasoning being rape, pregnancy complications or simply not being ready to be a parent. These days more mistakes are being made by teenagers and young adults and i do not feel that a baby is the proper way to teach or help them understand a lesson that needs to be learned. And as for people abusing the privilege of abortion, such as prostitutes, would you really want them to have babies that they cant support? Obviously they are already in a bad situation, they wont be able to support a child, which would most likely result in the child being taken after birth to social services. In the end , you have a depressed prostitute who has had her child taken from her due to the lack of support she has, which may result in more bad choices in her future, and along with hundreds of other children, another child in social services that needs to be cared for which also equals more money.

    Posted by: jue212
  • So, um, should we let the mother die, so that her child can then be an orphan - assuming the child even survives? As for women who have been raped, if they want to keep the child, then good, but otherwise, how can you want to force them to raise a living reminder of their torture?

  • I'm against abortion and think it should be illegal. But to not have it available in these particular cases strikes me as Cruel and Unusual

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Skeptikitten says2013-09-06T21:24:00.0391289-05:00
I don't see how any person can possibly say abortion should be illegal in cases where the woman's life is endangered. That's pretty reprehensible.
Cowboy0108 says2013-09-06T22:24:28.5027541-05:00
I only agree with abortion in cases of the woman's life being in danger. I do not believe in forcing someone to give up their life for another life. However, all other cases should not be a reason for abortion.
PiningForASilverLining says2013-09-06T22:29:23.8521667-05:00
No rapist deserves to pass on their genes. Those genes need to be eliminated from the population
PiningForASilverLining says2013-09-06T22:31:10.7298220-05:00
I love how Libs and Dems are called pusses when it comes to peace instead of war, and then insensitive when it comes to abortion. Grow a pair warhawking repub so-call-conservatives. If a woman doesn't want an unborn child that's her and her doctor's business, not yours. FREEDOM!!!!!
Skeptikitten says2013-09-07T10:49:24.4300928-05:00
To force a woman to serve as an incubator for her rapist is also pretty reprehensible. You'd essentially be raping her all over again by forcing her to relive her attack every day, and undergo a painful birth that leaves permanent effects on the body- for no good reason.
Sitara says2013-09-08T19:47:37.8657474-05:00
Skeptikitten is right. To force a woman to carry her rapist's baby is to essentially rape her. Besides, so many states allow rapists the so called right to their children. That is the number one reason why rape victims have the right to choose abortion.
Thegreatdebate98 says2015-06-10T11:53:20.9637798-05:00
Is there an inbetween button? In cases of rape, NO... In cases of the woman being in danger, obviously. If you could save one life, instead of two dying, then that's self explanatory logic. If you get an abortion because you were raped, you are blaming an innocent life form that never got a chance simply for your own selfish reasons, it will not rid of trauma, only increase guilt.

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