Should abortion be legal?

Posted by: lolawesome65

I'm pro-choice. I think it's a woman's choice, if she wants to have an abortion. The child is not born yet, though it is living. Though, you could argue that the sperm and egg are living. If you want to argue religion, birth control is also prohibited by the bible. Does that mean you don't use it? HEEEEELLLL NAW

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  • Property rights comes before fetus rights.

  • The woman which is already alive has more rights. Also, is you consider a fetus life, which i dont, then far more lives are actually lost when abortion is illegal because women in huge numbers get them illegaly done in very unsafe ways, whch aborts the fetus and often kills the woman in the process.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • It's not my choice. A statement that is common to hear but has rarely been understood. People like to get involved with something that has little or nothing to do with them in the slightest. They say abortion is wrong for moral and political reasons but that's just the thing, it's religious and political, there is nothing to do with morality, in fact there is nothing to do with what is right or wrong, there is no consideration for the mothers out there who are suffering through the tragedies of life, there is absolutely no care for any of them. It's all about one's person having to throw their views around just to prove they are right and you're wrong. Everyone says they are pro-life when they don't even care about the lives of those who are right in front of them. If they were really pro-life then they would be more kind to their neighbors and help their community and be respectful to those around them and take consideration for their sufferings and try to help. But they don't, they rarely do. That's why I'm pro choice, its because I am not controlled by what SOMEONE OTHER THEN MYSELF believes is right and wrong. I do not need a book to tell me what is right or wrong, I do not need a pastor to tell me what's right or wrong, and I certainly do not need a politician to tell me what is right or wrong. I am a person, I have my own views and beliefs and choices that are mine to make and no one else's. If a woman wishes to abort her child because she believes it is right then she can do so. If she does it and she doesn't believe its right, then it doesn't matter what I think because it wasn't my choice to make. Also abortion tends to help people that are sick by use of stem cells and the life of the mother can also be saved if there is a chance both her and the baby could die. Someone like a little girl who was raped and impregnated by a monster of a person, who doesn't have the body to give birth without severe consequences. No one cares about them but the moment she wants to remove the child then its like she's the monster. So people before you come at me with a "its wrong to take another life" maybe you should figure out if YOU have the right to pass judgment on anyone if you can't even care about the lives in front of you.

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Black-Jesus says2015-05-02T18:36:52.4325663-05:00
I'm pro-choice as long as it's early-term abortion (before 10 weeks for me), after that, the organs have formed, the brain has activity, and the heart is beating; it is a living human at that point, and it won't be long before it has almost full brainpower, and, to me, that is what sets apart humans from just a collection of cells growing in your uterus. I am willing to except late-term abortion if the baby will have major defects that will burden it's mental capacity, torture it with a painful existence, etc. And if you really didn't bother getting the abortion before then, you didn't really want to kill it anyway, and if you did want to kill it but you didn't get around to it or whatever, your a lazy piece of trash, and you must wait until you have the baby and give it away because you're an irresponsible person. Now, there are rather extreme exceptions to that, and there should also be exceptions with the law at those places, because no law should be black and white anyway.
124275 says2015-05-02T19:05:33.0275508-05:00
What about the choice of the child who would be killed and probably just end up in a medical incinerator?
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-02T21:27:34.2935964-05:00
"The child is not born yet, though it is living. Though, you could argue that the sperm and egg are living." Embryos and fetuses meet all 7 of the characteristics of life. Eggs and sperm do not, the characteristic they fail is the ability to grow.
Najs says2015-05-03T06:46:13.8464068-05:00
Everyone has the right to live. Odd when viewed when a person wants the unborn child that child has meaning, but when they are not wanted they are seen as nothing and their desire to live is seen as unimportant...
Stefy says2015-05-03T07:57:34.2448830-05:00
Yeah. Exactly. And thats not a problem. Some women choose to value the potential life and some women decide its a better decision to mot allow it to progress.

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