Should adoption be legal only for straight couples?

Posted by: Summer2515

For years, couples struggling with infertility have adopted children from people who chose to have a child, but to give it up to another family. But in recent years more and more homosexual couples have wanted to adopt. Should they be able to adopt?

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Yes! Not enough people adopt children, and if homosexual people are in a commited relationship there is no reason they shouldn't be able to raise a child.

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No, homosexuals will only create more homosexuals and a child needs a mother and a father to grow up right.

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The main aim of couples, marriages and love was and is to reproduce. How can two people of the same sex make a child? By adopting these gays and lesbians create more children which most likely be exposed to their parents' homosexual ways and themselves becoming homosexual, preventing them from naturally making love with the opposite sex, thus not being able to give birth of father a child of its own. Furthermore, homosexuality itself has been seen as immoral by society and religion for milleniums, who are w

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vortux says2013-09-12T11:42:06.5746070-05:00
"Yes" and "No" are switched.
Summer2515 says2013-10-10T22:37:59.1356902-05:00
Sorry about that, it was three AM and I was really tired.

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