Should adults have right to make relationship with minor,once they reach age of consent ?

Posted by: stephannoi

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Yes it should be legal

Once people reach the age of consent,it means they are mentally mature enough to engage sexual activity.It should not be illegal for an adults to engage sexual activity with a minor who reach the age of consent.But the age of consent should be at le... ast 14-18 not 12-13.But there should still be a law such as having law against sexual exploitation of minors eventhough they reach the age of consent   more
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It should be illegal

Age of consent should only require only for sex between two consenting minors.While minors might be too immature to make relationship with an adult.
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Forthelulz says2015-08-03T21:28:36.7429973Z
Where I come from, age of consent is the same as age of adulthood.
stephannoi says2015-08-04T01:47:48.2954861Z
I think it should be legal for a 18/17 years old boy/girl to make relationship with an adult.
benhos says2015-08-04T08:25:00.0957610Z
I think as long as it is mutual it is fine. Obviously nothing obviously wrong, like really young kids, but yeah. Loosen up.
stephannoi says2015-08-04T09:14:56.4162243Z
Having a relationship with a chid who has not reach puberty is wrong.But besides than that if a 20 years old man want to have relationship with a 16-17 is still acceptable.
stephannoi says2015-08-04T10:31:39.9277338Z
However i think the penalties in adult-minor should be more restrict than any other relationship.It should not be illegal for an adult to have relationship with minor (once they reach age of consent).But it's only illegal if an adult sexually exploit a minor or obtain the consent through deceit.
stephannoi says2015-08-04T10:33:19.2067702Z
And if someone does that to a child they should be at least 5-10 years imprisonment with or without hard labour.
stephannoi says2015-08-04T10:37:54.9697379Z
There is no need to increase the age of consent.You just need to have a better management.Countries which has age of consent from 16-18 belong to the highest rank of child rape and sexual abuse in the world.
stephannoi says2015-08-04T10:42:45.4592000Z
This include 5 top highest child rape is : 1st south africa 2st india 3rd Zimbabwe 4th United Kingdom 5th united states
stephannoi says2015-08-04T10:43:39.0362872Z
I think age of consent should lowered to 14-15 but not lower than that.
stephannoi says2015-08-05T04:38:00.3895664Z
And the prosecution should based upon minor or family minor complaint.
lordsidious says2015-08-05T13:57:20.2887215Z
You are right stephannoi.But laws against sexual exploitation and obtain consent through deceit should applied until age 18 to protect minors from being manipulated.But it should be legal for an adult to make relationship with minors,but there should be better protection and strict penalties.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:15:07.6203379Z
Ofcourse but an relationship between minors and adults should have an exception such as the age gap should not differ much or the consent should be given through parents,or minors themselves,or booths.But forcing or coercing children into relationship is wrong and should be illegal.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:16:31.8140776Z
But I agree that it should be legal for an adult to have relationship with minors,why not ?.As long as the minor reach the age of consent then it should be legalized.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:47:26.5906488Z
Also the prosecution can be prosecuted based on minor/minors family/legal guardian.Such as if an minor being physical intimidate threat then he/she should file a police report to the court,and the court can judge.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:51:34.3266448Z
But if the minor free willingly want to engage sexual activity with an adult without being forced,pressured,or physical intimidate,then I guest it should be legal if both sides agreed to commit a relationship.And it's also not an adult fault and you can not blame on them,if the minor freely willingly wants to have sex,because it's their free choice between both sides adults and minor.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:55:08.1294425Z
I agreed,with you stephannoi.By raising the age of consent does not result in reducing child rape.Since rapist aren't concern about age of consent and they do not give a damn about it.Also it does not help in reducing teen pregnancy rate.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:57:21.5432081Z
It should be legal for having sex both minor and adult with a person who already reach the age of consent.
dilordious says2015-08-12T14:59:22.7872663Z
Like I said increase the penalties and having better management,could prevent kids being raped by rapist.
Haroush says2015-08-12T21:50:38.9942461Z
You people are sick.
dilordious says2015-08-12T23:13:28.9989049Z
In my view,I think it's not disguisting for a college student to have relationship on a date/sexual relation with an high school student because the age gap does not differ much,and it's normal.But it might be abnormal for a 40/50 years old man have sexual relation with minors.
dilordious says2015-08-12T23:19:03.8862516Z
And since you can not blame on adult alone because it's sometimes a free choice and will from the minors side.
stephannoi says2015-08-13T03:12:33.8872896Z
Agreed.There are some young teenager might posses enough social sense to make informed and mature decision about sex,while some adults might never develop the ability to make mature decision about sex.
stephannoi says2015-08-13T03:12:53.5122154Z
People should always stop blaming on adults.
dilordious says2015-08-13T03:30:56.8455598Z
That's right.People should stop condemn adults as symbol of evil demon.Not all of them are evil,some of them can be the nicest person that you ever have med.So please don't be so narrow mind.
dilordious says2015-08-13T03:32:53.3627067Z
Although i am an adult myself,23 years old,and i never have sex before until now.I will wait until i get married,because i have to make my long term financial planning before i start relationship with someone.
dilordious says2015-08-13T03:53:29.6557491Z
How many underage mums do you see in the news everyday?They are more likely got knocked up by other children who are irresponsible,but society think it's okay,because their moral tell them so.
dilordious says2015-08-13T03:55:19.9484561Z
The society is just too stupid and dumb to recognize the truth facts.It's just a stupid machine filled with contradiction.ASSHOLES !!!
lordsidious says2015-08-13T04:08:40.7788721Z
Ofcourse that it can be possible than teenager could rape other teenager or children or sexually abused them.Everything could be possible,and this is irrelevant to the age.Just because the older person is x years older than you that doesn't mean they have to be evil.
lordsidious says2015-08-13T04:16:39.7955427Z
But teens who have sexual relations with under minor age of consent should be considered as child on child sexual abuse and deserve to get long period jail time.If they are 14 years old then they should be tried as adult.
countdooku says2015-08-13T07:12:09.0525550Z
It's because children nowaday being spoiled nowaday by society so they do have more power and rights than adults.
countdooku says2015-08-13T07:14:48.4224591Z
Such as if children are being registried as sex offender,they do not receive the same punishment or jail time than an adult,which i find it's somehow unfair.
countdooku says2015-08-13T07:16:28.9502210Z
I mean serious crime such as rape,robbery,murder,aggravated assault,.....There should be no forgiven,and the age should not be considered.
countdooku says2015-08-13T07:20:16.1025596Z
Most of very serious crime such as school shooting are often commit by teens and you think those people should be forgiven for what they have done such a horrible violent acts?If you agree with that then you are a dumb ass,THOSE PEOPLE DESERVE DEATH PENALTY !!!

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