• Yes

  • No

17% 5 votes
83% 24 votes
  • Africa is a continent fool.

  • Africa already has their own union. Also if africa joined the EU it wouldn't really be the European Union now would it?

  • Africa is not in Europe. It is a continent too, not a nation.

  • It's an entirely different continent

  • Okay Patrick star. "Why don't we take bikini bottom/Africa and move it somewhere else?" I think what you're trying to ask is if they should form a coalition trade union. The answer would be no, considering how different the African and European economies are, not to mention all the separate political issues facing them.

  • No, but create one superstate out of all the continents, a global federation.

  • Is Africa in Europe? No.

    Posted by: Dinky
  • Is Africa a country? NO! Why the **** would it be called the EU. I think you listen to George Bush too much ("Africa and other countries").

  • Africa isn't in Europe, and is a continent, you fool

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Debatosaurus says2018-01-05T12:37:54.1839792Z
Africa is continent fool.

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